Inconel Alloy 625 - Sheets, Plates, Coils, Pipes, Tubes, Fittings, Flanges, Welding Rods, Wire, Forging, Fasterners

Inconel 625 is known for its high strength, excellent fabric ability (including joining), and outstanding Corrosion resistance. It is a combination of Nickel Chromium and aluminum. Derivation of Inconel alloy 625's strength is from the stiffening effect of molybdenum and niobium on its nickel-chromium matrix. INCONEL alloy 625 contains properties that make it an excellent choice for sea-water applications and freedom from local attack, high tensile strength. Inconel Alloy 625 is a nonmagnetic, corrosion - and oxidation-resistant, nickel-based alloy.

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Inconel Alloy 625 available at Samiksha Corporation?

  • Inconel Alloy 625 Sheet And Plates
  • Inconel Alloy 625 Strips And Coils
  • Inconel Alloy 625 Rods And Bar ( Round , Square, Hex, Forged)
  • Inconel Alloy 625 Seamless & Welded Pipe & Tube
  • Inconel Alloy 625 Pipe Fittings (elbows, tees,stub-ends, returns, caps, crosses, reducers, and pipe nipples)
  • Inconel Alloy 625 Flanges (i.e. flanges, slip-ons, blinds, weld-necks, lap joints, long welding necks, socket welds)
  • Inconel Alloy 625 Welding Rod
  • Inconel Alloy 625 Wire
  • Inconel Alloy 625 Forging (Forged Bars, Flat Bars, Rings, Blanks, Billets & Ingots)
  • Inconel Alloy 625 Fasteners (Nut, Bolts, Washers)

Features of Inconel Alloy 625 are:

  • Outstanding resistance to chloride pitting and crevice corrosion cracking
  • Immune to chloride ion stress corrosion cracking
  • Resistant to caustics
  • Resistant to seawater, in both stagnant and flowing

Chemical Composition of Inconel Alloy 625 are:

Cr Ni Mo Co + Nb Ta Al Ti C Fe Mn Si P S
20.00-30.00 Remainder 8.0-10.0 1.0 max 3.15-4.15 .40 max .40 max .10 max 5.0 max .50 max .50 max .015 max .015 max