Inconel Alloy 718 - Sheets, Plates, Coils, Pipes, Tubes, Fittings, Flanges, Welding Rods, Wire, Forging, Fasterners

Inconel 718 is a nickel-based super alloy that is well suited for applications requiring high strength. Inconel 718 also exhibits excellent tensile and impact strength. Inconel contain both Nickel and Aluminium which includes cobalt. Inconel 718 is still considered the material of choice for the majority of aircraft engine components. Typically, the applications used are Aerospace, gas turbines, rocket motors, spacecraft, space shuttles, nuclear reactors, pumps, turbo pump seals, and tooling. Inconel 718 has good resistance to oxidation and corrosion.

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Inconel Alloy 718 available at Samiksha Corporation?

  • Inconel Alloy 718 Sheet And Plates
  • Inconel Alloy 718 Strips And Coils
  • Inconel Alloy 718 Rods And Bar ( Round , Square, Hex, Forged)
  • Inconel Alloy 718 Seamless & Welded Pipe & Tube
  • Inconel Alloy 718 Pipe Fittings (elbows, tees,stub-ends, returns, caps, crosses, reducers, and pipe nipples)
  • Inconel Alloy 718 Flanges (i.e. flanges, slip-ons, blinds, weld-necks, lap joints, long welding necks, socket welds)
  • Inconel Alloy 718 Welding Rod
  • Inconel Alloy 718 Wire
  • Inconel Alloy 718 Forging (Forged Bars, Flat Bars, Rings, Blanks, Billets & Ingots)
  • Inconel Alloy 718 Fasteners (Nut, Bolts, Washers)

Features of Inconel Alloy 718 are:

  • Good mechanical properties – tensile and creep-rupture
  • Yield tensile strength, and rupture strength properties are exceedingly high
  • Highly resistant to chloride and sulfide stress corrosion cracking
  • Resistant to aqueous corrosion and chloride ion stress corrosion cracking
  • Resistible to high temperature
  • Age-hard enable with a unique property of slow aging response that permits heating and cooling during annealing without the danger of cracking.

Chemical Composition of Inconel Alloy 718 are:

Ni Fe Cr Cu Mo Nb C Mn P S Si Ti Al Co B
50.00-55.00 Remainder 17.00-21.00 .30 max 2.80-3.30 4.75-5.50 .08 max .35 max .015 max .015 max .35 max .65-1.15 .20-.80 1.00 max .006 max